Detection Systems












A Series High-End AM (Acousto-Magnetic) detection system provides super wide detection span and accurate tag sensing. Fully software control system with leading AM technology. Accurately adjustable operating parameters allows it working in the most challenging shopping centres with dozens of other detection sensors operating around. This is one of the best AM systems in the market that you can trust.
S Series detection systems are standard level RF(Radio Frequency) Electronic Article Surveillance systems. This series offers you the best cost-efficient solution for all your loss prevention needs. Balanced hard tag and soft tag detection ability, latest technology, stylish design and really affordable price make it your first considerable option out of all.
U Series detection systems are advanced level RF(Radio Frequency) security tagging systems that satisfy your strictest anti-theft needs. Super accurate signal direction control secures only the area you want to the secure, so it maximizes the utilization of your valuable shop space. 3D scanning technology, exchangeable adverting panels(detecting-adverting 2 in 1) and high quality finishing make it your ultimate loss prevention solution.