Source Tagging


Source tagging is to integrate EAS tags in the product during the point of manufacturing or logistics. Both hard tags and soft tags can be used in source tagging. The types of the source tagging tags are varying. Generally speaking the appearances or the forms of source tagging tags can be customized to suit different requirements. The most popular used forms of source tagging are embedded swing tags (also known as EAS Swing Tag, Security Swing Tag, EAS Swing Ticket or Security Swing Ticket) and customized hard tags
Embedded Swing Tags are made during the manufacturing process of the normal swing tags. It is a composition of EAS soft tag and normal swing tag. Customized EAS Soft Tags are encapsulated inside the normal swing tags as a middle layer. This technology makes the EAS enabled embedded swing tags look the same as normal swing tags.
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As EAS tags are encapsulated into the normal swing tags during the manufacturing stage, the end users do not need to change any existing procedures to switch to this technology.
This will save end users huge amount of time and effort in doing what they are not familiar with, so they can focus on their own job.
Embedded swing tag is a hassle-free source tagging solution that gives the products maximum invisible protection. Some advantages of embedded swing tags are:
  • Secure: built-in as an inner layer of the normal swing tag, so can’t be recognized or peeled off 
  • Easy to Implement: no change to existing system
  • Low Cost: No additional equipment and labour are involved.
  • Advertising and anti-shoplifting 2-in-1
  •  Convenience: No need to recycle 

Thermal Print Security Labels

Normal security (EAS) labels are either in dummy barcode pattern or plain white.

Dummy barcode labels are normally printed with unreadable barcodes. Dummy barcode labels occupy limited packing surface without giving any product related information and could cause checkout confusions when they are used in combination with real product barcodes.

Print directly on plain security labels seems to be a good idea to provide product information and protect the product simultaneously. However, most plain security labels are not suitable for label printing.  

Thermal Transfer Printing does not normally work well with normal plain white security labels. Thermal Transfer Printing requires fairly smooth printing surface, however, the surface of a security label is not pure flat. Unsmooth surface causes broken characters and barcode image hence causes unreadable barcode scans.

Direct Thermal Printing requires security label comes with special thermal layer on top of the electronic circuit layer.Most security labels do not have this layer.

Tags Direct can provide you high quality thermal printable security labels in variety of sizes. Good thermal top security labels do not only provide you reliable detection result, but also guarantee you clear character and barcode printings and make you barcode reading quick and accurate.

A Thermal Printed Security Label



Customized Hard Tag is an ideal way for high risk products. It is more bulky and easily visible. It gives your products double-protection.

It firstly acts as a visible deterrent to potential thieves. It then incorporates with shop detection systems and gives the products the toughest protection.
As recycling the reusable hard tags is always regarded as one of the most important issues in hard tag source tagging, a unique customized hard tag can not only provides a quick easy identification, but also acts as another means of advertising.
Customized source tagging hard tags can significantly reduce the chance of loosing the tags and increase the speed of recycling. Some advantages of customized hard tags are:
  • Reusable: Tags can be recycled thousands of times, there is virtually no ongoing cost.
  • Tough: Tags are made of strong plastic, they last for years.  
  • Un-Deactivatable: Hard tag  can no be deactivated, so they will always stay active
  • High Efficient: Hard tags operate in higher efficient than soft tags.
  • Advertising and anti-shoplifting 2-in-1

A New Way In Source Tagging

Single-Use Hard Tag is a low cost high protection source tagging solution for high risk products. Single-use hard tag combines the benefits of  disposal labels and reusable hard tags and provides the following advantages: 

  • Strong and Secure: Single-Use hard tag uses similar locking mechanism as reusable hard tags, once the pin is locked, it can only be removed using tag removal tools.
  • Wide Compatibility: Single-Use hard tag is compatible with most of the magnetic tag removal tools
  • High Efficient: Same as reusable hard tags, single-use hard tag also works more efficient than normal soft tags.
  • Low Cost: General speaking, single-use hard tag is a little bit more expensive then soft tags, but much cheaper than reusable hard tags.


Tags Direct supplies everything in source tagging and tailors different solutions to suit different situations.  Please Contact us for your source tagging needs.